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Sam VanFleet

Sam VanFleet, 24-years-old, began volunteering and working with horses at a Draft Horse Rescue in 2011/2012. She began training horses in 2014- from mustangs to draft horses. After showing on the A-circuit jumpers she shifted her focus to mustangs, starting horses undersaddle, and liberty work. She's now a young horse trainer who works with a variety of breeds at Prosperity Farms in Williston Florida. She is a consistent Top 10 Extreme Mustang Makeover competitor with 10+ challenges under her belt, as well as a traveling clinician primarily focused on teaching liberty and trick training. Sam's work features strengthening the connection and understanding with horses, starting with groundwork and always emphasizes patience.


Mustang Makeover Results

2014 Youth Massachusetts ('Brazil', Horsemanship Award)

2015 Youth Massachusetts (Reserved Champion 'Chile')

2016 Youth Massachusetts (Champion 'Lynx', Horsemanship Award)

2017 Massachusetts (Top 10, 8th place 'Malibu', Young Gun Award)

2017 Texas In-Hand Open (Reserved Champion 'Lynx')

2018 Kentucky (Top 10, 6th place 'Eevee')

2019 Texas Mustang Magic (Invitational competition, 'Fiesta')

2019 Florida (Top 10, 6th place 'Boo', Young Gun Award)

2020 Texas Player's Choice (12th overall 'Roulette', Reserved Champion Young Gun)

2020 California (Top 10, 4th place 'Snooze, Young Gun Award)

2022 Texas TIP Open (Champion 'Newt')

2022 Texas (Top 10, 3rd place 'Newt')

2023 Texas Mustang Magic (Invitational competition Top 10, 7th place 'Moscato')

Meet my Herd

Small but mighty...

Mystic Jewel - 'Calliope'

2004 PMU foal draft cross from Canada. Adopted from a horse rescue in 2012 and began training.

In 2014 she began showing on the A-rated jumper circuit. She had a few wins at various locations including Vermont Summer Festival and Northeast Benefit. In 2016 she underwent surgery at Tufts for cancer in her blue eye. Calliope is currently living the good retired life in Florida where she continues to learn tricks and relaxed liberty. She enjoys her baths and walks!

Calliope jump.jpg

Wild Card - 'Lynx'

9-year-old mustang captured from Wood Hills, NV in August 2015. Adopted in April 2016 from the MA YEMM.

In August 2016 Lynx competed in Topsfield, MA and was champion of the youth division. Lynx now is consistent undersaddle training and advanced in his liberty work. He also began doing demos, showing jumpers and dressage, and helping with my online videos. He teaches across the country showing others how to communicate better with their horses!


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