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Mustang Gentling/Adoptions

Sam is currently NOT a TIP trainer. However, she does take private mustang adoptions in for training. There's other ways to adopt a mustang through Sam!


Adopt through an EMM

This is the best option! Sam is a frequent mustang makeover competitor so there is always at least one or two mustangs available a year. Follow her progress with them and inquire if you're interested. You'll be able to bid on them at the end of competition or privately purchase one.


Purchase a Mustang Currently in Training

Occasionally there is a mustang in for training and sale. This would either be a consignment horse or a project horse. If there is one available currently, you'll see the horse posted on the 'VanFleet Mustangs' Facebook page.


Send a Mustang for Training

When Sam is in Florida, she's able to take training horses. She can work with you to find a mustang, or you can send one you already have and need some training put on. We may be able to help you find your perfect mustang!

EMM Adopters


Mary Nori, Newt's Owner, CA

"I fell in love with Newt before he even had a name.  Sam VanFleet drew this sweet Mustang as her 2022 extreme makeover mustang in May of 2022  then about a month later Sam , Lynx and this young mustang    traveled to Southern California and stayed at a stable very close to my home . If you look at Sam’s Newt YouTube  you will see how he was the cutest 3year old mustang and hit the heart of every young student taking lessons at the venue he was staying.  He caught my eye and then my heart .
For about a couple of months I would watch as Sam worked with him and how his personality and abilities blossomed.  The word around the neighborhood was,”Newt has to live here, we can’t let him get away”
Honestly I had no rational reason to fly to Fort Worth Texas for the Extreme Mustang Makeover, but there was a voice inside telling me to bring  Newt home.    
One of the most exciting times is my life was watching Sam and Newt in the competition, finishing in the top 10 and going on to free style.  Oh my gosh , they were amazing. Newt placed 3rd over all . Then the bidding began and I remembered my husbands words,”Don’t come home without Newt”
Newt clearly was more advanced than I and my fear was I would not know how to advance Newt in the path he deserved.  Well it has been one year now and with the assistance and guidance of very skilled instructors, Newt and I are developing a sweet bond and relationship. Newt is so smart and so willing to try everything asked of him. He is living a good life with a couple of buddies he can chase and annoy. We continue with arena skills and trail riding. Newt is the clown of the barn and no object within his reach is safe. I will be forever grateful to Sam VanFleet."

Robert Rose, Product Designer

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