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Virtual Series & Coaching

If you're too far away to learn in-person, there's online options! A once or twice a year, each virtual course is ran with a set number of members/students. If you would like to be on the wait list for a specific course, and receive information first when sign ups are next available, send us an email.


Want to see what Sam's training is about before joining a course? There are over 100 free videos on YouTube that show different stages of mustang gentling, mustang journeys, liberty work, and basic how to's. 

Introduction Liberty 5-Week Series

The best starter course for those unsure of where to start their liberty journey! Train along with me and a horse who has never done liberty work before. You'll be communicating off-line in no time.

Running next: 2024

Basic Tricks 2-Week Series

Learn the Smile, Shake, Spin, Sidepass Towards, and Back from Behind tricks! Coaching available.

Running next: 2024

Laydown 3-Week Series

If you have ever wanted to teach your horse how to laydown, this is the course for you!

Running next: 2024

Advancing Liberty 3-Week Series

The next steps to improving your liberty bend, stationary circles, and more.

*Introduction Liberty pre-requisite

Running next: 2024

Intermediate Tricks 2-Week Series

Learn the Spanish Walk, Stay & Recall, and Parkout tricks! Coaching available.

*Basic Tricks pre-requisite

Running next: 2024

Coaching Group

Coaching on anything you need help with. Watch other people's coached lessons as well! 2 lessons a week, join the group for 1-3 months.

Opening: 2024

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Virtual Group Members

Rachel Brown, Virtual Course Member

“Through this course I have not only gained a lot of knowledge on how to better communicate with my horse, but my horse has become so connected and soft that it takes very little if any pressure to ask for  what I want from him. He has also become easy to catch and much more relaxed. He was a very reactive, tense, and spooky horse to start. Through liberty and this low key type of work I've watched him become a different horse and I a more confident horseman. My family has commented on the remarkable partnership that we have gained. I'm so glad I took this course. It was such a great opportunity that I'll be forever grateful for. ”
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