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Clinics & Lessons

Wanting to host a clinic or have Sam out for a private lesson?

A variety of clinics are offered. Intro to Liberty & Trick is the most popular clinic, obstacle, groundwork, and even confidence bootcamps! Custom training clinics are now available.

Private sessions, partial day, one day, two day, and multi-day clinics are available for booking.


Intro to Liberty & Trick Clinic

The most popular clinic! It is typically 5-6 hours long. Each clinic can be adjusted to the host's preferences but this timeline is crafted to not mentally tire out the horse or handler. During the first section of the clinic, we assess everyone's goals and make a game plan. Then you learn the breakdown on the most effective ways to communicate with the horse and begin working on building block exercise to eventually lead to liberty (off-line) work with your horse. The afternoon session is typically individual work in a roundpen going off-line. The goal is to supply you with the right tools and exercises to know how to continue working at liberty with your horse!

Who can benefit from this clinic?

Any discipline can benefit from creating a stronger connection with their horse on the ground. This clinic can give you a chance to better understand why your horse responds the way they do. Not only will you get the tools to help clearly communicate to them, but you'll give them the chance to communicate back as well and be heard. This clinic is great for anyone wanting to grow a partnership with their horse.

'Intro to Liberty' clinics may cover:

  • Understanding communication with Tools

  • Breaking down movement with each body part

  • Relaxation recognition and catalyst tools

  • Exercises focusing on correctness and balance

  • Listening to your horse

  • Developing a wider range of energy transfer

  • Building block exercises and connecting them

  • Working on the line and off line

  • Understanding how to continue developing liberty skills


Private Sessions & Lessons

If Sam is in the area, she can travel to you for private lessons! If you're in Florida, you can also travel to her for a lower rate lesson. If you want more than one lesson, you can book Sam to come to you for one to three full days of working with you and your horse. Rates are based on distance and flight or fuel.

Courtney Garber, Clinic Participant

“Sam is absolutely amazing to work with, and is amazing with the horses! She is able to tune exactly what the horse and rider/handler need as a duo.  If it's the first or 10th time taking a session/clinic with her you will always walk away with something new learned or to work on with your horse! I can't say enough good things about this young horsewomen!"

Meredith, Clinic Participant

"My 5 year old AQHA mare and I had a productive and positive experience working with Sam.  She is just as effective at teaching people as she is at teaching horses.  She communicates with clear instruction and stated goals for both you and the horse.  We made noticeable improvements in just one session.  Highly recommend Sam!"

Melissa Ramos, Private Session

“The wonderful thing about Sam is her incredible ability to teach both horses and humans to work as a team in an absolutely fun and positive environment.  What I love most is she inspires me to be a better horse owner, to seek out more knowledge, to work at my goals with my horses.  The sessions are always productive and leave me eager to gain more knowledge and skill with my horses.  I simply can't wait to work with Sam again!”

Sarah, Clinic Participant

“ In just one hour Sam worked wonders with my horse Tilly. Sam’s patient and thoughtful approach helped enhance our communication and connection. It was an unforgettable experience and I highly recommend it to anyone looking to elevate their equine partnership.”

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