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Listening to the Horse

Specalizing in young horse starting, liberty clinics, gentling, and training mustangs and PMU foals

The Goal

Sam VanFleet works primarily with young horses, especially Mustangs, PMU foals, and warmbloods. From gentling them to be quite and soft, to their first ride undersaddle, and beyond. The hope is to give young horses a solid calm start, be a great mustang ambassador, and educate people about PMU foals. By performing and showing with these horses, doing more than just verbally educating, she can demonstrate what great hearts they have. Finding forever homes for these horses, more mustangs can get out of holding or more foals can be saved from having a horrible or short life ahead of them. She believes in changing the training techniques to fit each individual horse. Helping a horse's owner understand how to communicate with the horse better is equally as important

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Sophia Dean, Virtual Course Member

“Sam's 5-Week Virtual Liberty Connection Series was an incredible experience! My mustang mare, Evangeline, and I learned so much. While both of us have had some exposure to liberty work, we had never done anything like this together. While I already knew Eva was smart, it was so much fun to learn with her and to see her thinking about each new task. I felt like our bond and relationship grew since we began this course. I liked having very direct ways to communicate with her. I also learned a lot about being more aware of my body language and energy. Overall, I highly recommend this course. Sam is a wonderful teacher - she is clear, concise, and breaks everything down in very simple, easy to follow directions. Her videos were always paired with a written summary of the session, for easy reference. Each session was a building block for the next and Sam always emphasized taking the time to really get everything down solid before moving on to the next session. I look forward to learning more from Sam in the future - whether in a more advanced virtual series or at an in person clinic! "
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